Public folder migration to office 365

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Public folder migration to office 365

Businesses have been getting increasingly comfortable in adopting Office 365 for sometime now. When you have the flexibility of accessing your mails even from a mobile device and don’t have to bear the burden of maintaining infrastructure costs, it is hard to argue otherwise

Now most businesses running Exchange Servers would also have Public Folders setup to felicitate easy sharing of mails, documents etc. Under the Exchange admin center (EAC), Public folders > Public folder mailboxes – one could easily manage Public folders. Data such as emails messages, posts, documents etc can be a part of Public Folders. All users can access the required content from same public folder. When deciding to move to Office 365,  this results in a conundrum as one has to decide how to carry out Public Folder migration to Office 365.

Methods for Public Folder migration to Office 365

If you were to choose batch migration scripts for Public Folder Migration to Office 365, the process becomes rather lengthy and time consuming. This also means that you could be looking forward to an increased downtime if something were to go wrong.

With its easy to understand and use user interface, EdbMails public folder migration to Office 365 tool can help swiftly accomplish your migration goals without having to go through tiresome lengthy manual methods.

public folder migration to Office 365

Features of EdbMails Public Folder Migration to Office 365 tool:

Capable of migrating Public folder irrespective of how big it is.

A powerful behind the scenes algorithm that ensures smooth migration of all your Public Folder data

No dependency on Outlook or Exchange services

Easily preview all the Public Folder contents before migration

Apply include/Exclude Filters for mail items